GodswMobile SMS Transfer

GodswMobile SMS Transfer 2.1

Save and back up SMS texts to your PC


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Supports STF and TXT formats
  • Browse and edit SMS on your PC


  • Only backs up SMS messages
  • No search feature in the transfer manager


GodswMobile SMS Transfer provides a quick and simple way to make a backup of SMS text messages on your Windows Mobile device.

Lots of people like to keep hold of all the text messages they receive for future reference, or for posterity. However, a bulging SMS inbox can eat into your phone's memory. GodswMobile SMS Transfer lets you free up space on your internal memory by exporting text messages to your PC in TXT format.

GodswMobile SMS Transfer is very easy to use. The main interface consists of two buttons: one for backing up your messages and saving to your PC, and another for restoring SMS from an STF file to your phone or PDA. Backing up and restoring SMS data proved very fast in our tests. It's a shame GodswMobile SMS Transfer can't backup emails as well, however.

The GodswMobile SMS Transfer download includes a PC module, SMSTransferManager.exe, which allows you to import your SMS backup files to your Windows computer. As well as viewing and organizing your messages, the SMS Transfer Manager also allows you to edit, copy and paste your texts. Unfortunately, there's no search feature.

Overall, GodswMobile SMS Transfer represents a fast and easy way to back up and transfer SMS messages to your computer.

GodswMobile SMS Transfer


GodswMobile SMS Transfer 2.1

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